choosing what you want to do

Are you CHOOSING what you do every day?

Most of the time we have ourselves convinced that we can’t. But what if we can?

I began this year with that goal in mind.

There is a couple of times a year that I tend to evaluate my progress – on my birthday and as the new year begins. My birthday is in December, so you can imagine I do some pretty heavy thinking for a couple of months!

This year was a BIG milestone for me… 65! You might be wondering what the heck I had to think about at 65, but hey, I know that this may be the best time of my life to actually do what I want!

I am a business owner, and I love it, but the Christmas season was crazy busy. On the one hand, I thought – what am I complaining about; but on the other hand, was I putting my energy into what is the most important? Where could I use some help?

When I quit my job to start my business, I realized how meaningless some of the tasks were that I was stressed about day-to-day when I worked.

After spending most of my life trying to act, be and do whatever others expected of me, it was a very hard habit to break! Since a child, I felt responsible for everyone’s mood, happiness, success, and failure!

Some of us are not even in the place in our life, at any age, where we understand and believe that we have a right to make choices about how we want to spend our days… Trust me, this was me…

I do believe we are all in this lifetime to learn lessons. When you are in the lesson you sometimes forget to take a step back and look at the issues from a different perspective. One without judgment, but with the eyes of a detective. What are your current circumstances there to teach you?

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

So, when I really thought about choosing what I do with this life at this time, I took a really hard look at all the tasks I have before me at the beginning of my day:

  • What I absolutely love doing
  • What I don’t mind doing
  • What needs to be done (I added exercise to my list. I am now working out almost every day with a friend. It is great because I feel better! We have made a commitment and it keeps us both motivated and honest with ourselves. Not to mention having someone we can groan with over our sore muscles!)

And then began to balance my day with these priorities in mind.

Try changing your focus and take a look at your life without judgment, and with the eyes of a detective.

Ask yourself these questions:

What am I doing that I love?

  • Make a list of all the tasks/parts of your day you love.
  • How could I plan my day to do more of what I love?
  • What time of day would I like to do the things I love the most?
  • How could I fit the tasks in that are must do’s so that I can scratch them off the list and get on to more enjoyable/rewarding things?
  • What tasks could I give to someone else? or share with someone else?
  • What is my motivation?
  • What would I do if money was not the issue?

Our first thought is usually that we have no choice about what our day looks like, but no matter what job I was in, there would still be opportunities to make me a priority and truly enjoy the things I loved. I just didn’t know it.

I am enjoying my life a lot more this year!

  • I am putting myself first in my day, rather than last (after everything else is done).
  • Exercising has given me a lot more energy and I feel way better!
  • I have time to be creative. I am focused on drawing!
  • I learned how to sew scarves for my business. I couldn’t find the exact scarf I needed to print on, so I created it! Not only was it fun, I have a product that I can be proud of! (If you are curious, you can see them in my shop.)

I started to feel better the first day I did this and every day after. What a gift to give yourself the choice every day. After all, what are we here for but to live this life. Our life!

What are you doing to bring more of those things you love into your life? I would love to hear and share!


You never know when you are making a memory….

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