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5 things you can do for grieving Moms and those missing their Mom on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is not the happiest day for everyone. Not for those who lost their mother. Not for those who lost a child. It is a good day, however, to acknowledge their loss, and talk about it.  It is also a good day to recognize that they may need a little extra love. I lost my Mom in 2017.   She…

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child going through a serious illness, giving hope, childhood illness

How to help a child going through a serious illness.

Do you know a child going through a serious illness?  Have you ever had a more helpless feeling?  Although it is natural to want to be able to do something, take action, make this cancer go away, we have no control over a child’s illness.  But a grandmother I know, Laurene Sebastian, thought of a way to encourage her grandson…

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Breathe to Heal Your Body

Breathe to heal your body.  Yes! Typically, we think as long as we are breathing, we are alive.  Well, technically, we are.   But are you actually filling your lungs?  Are you a surface breather?  Do you breathe deep into your diaphragm?  Notice your breathing. So often we are so uptight, stressed, anxious, impatient and whatever other emotion comes along, that we…

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