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Breathe to Heal Your Body

Breathe to heal your body.  Yes! Typically, we think as long as we are breathing, we are alive.  Well, technically, we are.   But are you actually filling your lungs?  Are you a surface breather?  Do you breathe deep into your diaphragm?  Notice your breathing. So often we are so uptight, stressed, anxious, impatient and whatever other emotion comes along, that we…

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clear all the bs, the raw you, the authentic you, a new life

When you clear out all the BS in your life, what are you left with? You might be shocked!

I have spent a lifetime thinking “when I find another job”, “when I have a great boss”, “when I make more money”, “when I have more time”, and on and on. Well, when I finally did clear out everything in my life that didn’t work, I expected to be exceptionally happy!  Right?  Wrong… As the BS fell from my life,…

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guided meditations, life change, self-care

Get these guided meditations & watch your life change before your eyes!

On this journey of mine to a more authentic life, one of the best tools I have been using are guided meditations.  Are you familiar with guided meditations?  They are amazing….  Hit play and the voice guides you through the process! Get these guided meditations & watch your life change before your eyes! I use the meditations from Orin & DaBen…

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