Create the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad this year!

Are you looking for a very special, unique and personal gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Let’s design and create a personalized throw blanket together!

Sadly, my Dad passed away in 2015. He was definitely an old school, rule the house kind of father and was more about disciplining than showing love. Over the last few months of his life I could see the love he had for us and my Mom; and I my biggest regret was not talking about our needs as a family so that we could share our feelings of love and gratitude with him.

As I was creating this “Meaning of Father” blanket, I included words that I believe are the true meaning of “father”. I hope that all fathers come to realize that their children do need the perfect blend of strong and sensitive. They have a wonderful opportunity to inspire, encourage and protect their children so that they may grow up to be confident, loving parents.

Meaning of Father

This blanket was created to give to a father or daughter. It would be a perfect gift for a bride or father of the bride.

Father & Daughter

This blanket is my favorite for Dad. The tree symbolizes the strength and foundation of family. The blanket includes a list of “thank you’s” for Dad. Not seeing what you would like to thank your Dad for? No problem – we customize so can change any or all of the words to suit you and your Dad!

Thank you, Dad

This is the perfect thank you for the Dad that shows you he believes in you, encourages and loves you. Celebrate it! It is wonderful!

Thank you for believing in me…

Simply said… You were my first love and I love you. The perfect gift for Dad on Father’s Day or the day of your wedding.

Dad, my first love

Why not give Dad permission to binge watch on Father’s Day? I am sure he would appreciate it!

A touch of humor!

And then there is the pet lover! This is a fun gift for the Dad that loves his dog, or cat, or bird… whatever! We can even change the words “my dog” to his star pet’s name!

A special gift for the pet lover!

We cannot forget your Step-Dad. Love this quote. Many times our Step-Dads have lived the role of Father and lived with us a lot longer than our Father’s. We know them as our Dad and love them!

A Father’s Day gift for your Step-Dad

This one is for those who have lost their Dad. Let them know that you are thinking of them and send them a hug from Dad. The grieving never stops, and special occasions like this one hold wonderful memories and sadness. Make sure your friend knows that you remember…

A hug from Dad

I love what I do, can you tell? I get to make feelings visible…. It is such a gift to the people you love… Special occasions are the perfect opportunity to show gratitude, love and respect.

Do you have feelings you would like to share this Father’s Day? Why not have them printed on a blanket?

A little about our process. The process I use in my shop is called sublimation. It combines special ink, paper, heat and the polyester fabric so that your words actually become part of the fabric, which means they do not have a “feel” to them and do not crack, fade or peel!

This photo shows how your blanket would be laid out!

Layout of words and images on your blanket.


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