4 words that give you power in a difficult conversation

What 4 words that give you power in a difficult conversation?

Have you ever had your emotions get the best of you in a difficult conversation?

I am an emotional thinker.  I therefore tend to react to verbal attacks emotionally.  Once I do that, I am powerless.

One day I was being verbally attacked by someone.  I was so done with this person and their seemingly endless criticism.  I knew my opinion was right.  Something came over me, a calmness, I felt cold.  I stated the facts with that same calmness and coldness and he didn’t know what to do.  He stood there, speechless for a moment and then said “I don’t like your attitude lately”.  I never had an issue with this person again.  it taught me a great lesson.  One that I used and shared for many years!

You see, when you react with emotion, you have fallen into their trap.  That way they can react to your emotion and take power.

So often we get lost in the emotion, away from the facts, and that takes us out of the conversation.  The minute you feel your emotions getting out of hand, focus on these 4 words:





It will act as a reset for you.  Calm you down.  Also, remember the facts.  Repeat the facts in a calm, cold, collected and factual manner.

You will be SO powerful!

Once you use this and see the results, you will use it again and again!

I have created a small printable for you.  I always keep it in view in my office!



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