Have you ever dismissed your creativity or other natural talents?

I have, and for so many years! Everyone kept telling me I was creative, but I always denied it.

Meanwhile, I continually rearranged my home, repainted the walls, created solutions in my job, and was always able to create something new out of something old.

Why did I deny it?

Creativity was never something valued by the people in my life – both personally and professionally. In fact, it was almost viewed as a drawback. Obviously I was in the wrong environments, but that wasn’t their fault. It was mine for not seeing my natural abilities as assets.

Once I stopped looking at myself through the eyes of those around me (my perception of course), I started to value the gift of creativity and all that it brings to my life and my work. This led me to creating my business, Say it With Words.

I now have a wonderful business that allows and actually requires my creative skills each and every day. What a difference it makes to be doing something I love!

What brought this to mind today?

I decided to remove the wallpaper in my front entrance. By the way, whatever happened to the old wallpaper that you pulled a corner of it and it all ripped off. Well, mine was coming off inch by inch!

As the paper ripped away, I uncovered a painting that I had done on my wall when I moved into my new home, years ago. I remembered painting the tree. I painted it because when they moved my old modular home out to replace it with a new one, they had to cut down a 30′ tree that I absolutely loved. I decided to paint it on my wall as a symbol of where I had been and what I had loved….

A painting of things that made me feel relaxed and stress-free.

What I had not remembered, was the fact that I also included other things I loved. Sitting by the water (I can always feel the stress leave my body), an adirondack chair, my favorite book (Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach), and a cup of tea!

What really hit me, was the words I had written (very small, but still there)… “This is the real me. Deborah”

It turned the endless process of removing the wallpaper into a treasure hunt! Really, it was cool to see all the details I thought so important at the time. Was it perfect? Am I great at drawing 3D? No, but whatever we create is perfect for us.

Creativity can seem frivolous to those who are more technical and process oriented. I learned alot about that in my career in human resources, but differences can definitely be a benefit in any company, as long as those differences are valued and shared. Every project team and business need a balance of technical, process, communication and vision.

So, are you holding your natural talents back? How can you tell?

The most difficult part of this exercise is stop looking at yourself through what you believe others think. Remove the filter – half the time they aren’t even thinking what you think they are thinking PLUS, it doesn’t matter.

Begin with a piece of paper and a pen. Think about the following questions and start writing:

  • What are those things you love to do?
  • What parts of your job do you enjoy doing the most?
  • What are you doing when you totally lose track of time?
  • If I was to ask your friends what you were good at, what would they tell me?
  • If money wasn’t a concern, what would you do?

Even when we think we don’t have time to do what we love, once you answer these questions, you can take a look at all the tasks you perform throughout the day, your free time, and begin to make sure you fit those things you love into both your home and professional life!

So now what?

Once you are clear about this, you will start to notice opportunities to do what you love. That is how manifesting works… You will also notice that you will begin to make decisions about your priorities, and what you do with your free time. Keep your list close by to stay on track!

Never short change your experience in this life to try and fit in. It is so amazing to celebrate your strengths, see your potential, and live a life that allows you to enjoy and thrive! The whole world will open up! Afterall, you are here to live your life!

I would love to hear how this exercise worked for you!


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