have you got a dream, ego keep getting in the way

Have you got a dream for your life?

Have you got a dream for your life but the nagging doubts of your ego keep getting in the way?  All you hear is negativity?

This might help you – it sure helped me!

I watched a recent episode of Super Soul Sunday.  Michael Bernard Beckwith was Oprah’s guest.  Ever since watching The Secret I have been impressed with Michael but this interview was the best I have ever seen!  Michael has written a new book called “Life Visioning: A Transformative Process for Activating Your Unique Gifts and Highest Potential“.

The entire interview was fascinating but the thing I really needed in my life at this moment was an answer to my ongoing “What if…” thinking.  I have a dream, I am excited about realizing all that it includes, but there is still a part of me that thinks about all the “what ifs”…

Michael recommended that we talk about our vision more than complaining.  See our life as we want it, and establish our intention.  We need to pull our attention away from the doubts and complaints.  How do we do that?

Answer this question:

“If this experience was to last forever, what quality would have to emerge for me to have peace of mind?”

Michael then suggested that we give ourselves whatever quality came to mind.

So amazing!

Here’s an example of one I did for myself.  My Mom recently passed away.  Grieving is difficult, and some days feels overwhelming.  I couldn’t seem to get back to the dreams I had not that long ago, that I wanted to make happen.  When I tried answering Michael’s question and thought about this experience lasting forever, the quality that had to emerge to give me peace of mind was “self-care”.

Just going through the process made me feel more free.  I cannot bring my Mom back, but I can give myself the care I need through this grieving process, and realize my dreams!  That is what she would want.

Do you have a dream of your life?  Are the doubts creeping in?  Answer Michael’s question.  What quality comes to mind?  Let that quality emerge!  Look for the results!

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