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When you clear out all the BS in your life, what are you left with? You might be shocked!

I have spent a lifetime thinking “when I find another job”, “when I have a great boss”, “when I make more money”, “when I have more time”, and on and on. Well, when I finally did clear out everything in my life that didn’t work, I expected to be exceptionally happy!  Right?  Wrong… As the BS fell from my life,…

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guided meditations, life change, self-care

Get these guided meditations & watch your life change before your eyes!

On this journey of mine to a more authentic life, one of the best tools I have been using are guided meditations.  Are you familiar with guided meditations?  They are amazing….  Hit play and the voice guides you through the process! Get these guided meditations & watch your life change before your eyes! I use the meditations from Orin & DaBen…

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