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Mother's Day, Loss of Mom, Loss of Child

Know someone who will be missing their mom or child this Mother’s Day?

Show them that you understand… My Mom passed away in 2017. She really was a special lady, known for her fun, crazy and very giving personality. Our family’s grief was and is overwhelming. My Mom was the foundation of the family. She kept all the family traditions going, still baked for everyone (even the neighbors), got us all excited about…

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choosing what you want to do

Are you CHOOSING what you do every day?

Most of the time we have ourselves convinced that we can’t. But what if we can? I began this year with that goal in mind. There is a couple of times a year that I tend to evaluate my progress – on my birthday and as the new year begins. My birthday is in December, so you can imagine I…

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Your Akashic Records, Lifetimes

How to access friends that have known you for lifetimes?

Have you ever wanted to ask for guidance in this lifetime or understanding of past lifetimes and how they are affecting you? Do you feel alone, stressed out, and wondering what you are here to learn in this lifetime or would like to ask for guidance on future decisions? I did, and I found this wonderful tool called the Akashic…

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on my journey to my authentic self, authenticity, being you, gratitude, being grateful

On my journey to my authentic self…

Just a quick post today about my journey to my authentic self that I noticed that may resonate with you. I have been so busy trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life that I wasn’t seeing all the fabulous things that are happening in this life right now! Wonderful kids. Amazing grandchildren,…

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