6 Steps to Determine YOUR Value!

Instead of rating yourself based on $ and ₵, take a look at your REAL value, take these 6 steps to determine YOUR value!

During my 40+ year career in the Human Resources field, a few things stood out that I think could help you see your value.  A person’s potential would always scream at me – I could see it a mile away.  I didn’t have the blinders that the people themselves had.  Sometimes it wasn’t a matter of their blinders, but their perceived notion of how others saw them.  Want to know what your true value is?  Without judgment?

Once uncovered, your value will scream at you too!  You cannot avoid it!  Why would you want to?

Before we start, I would like to tell you a story about a friend of mine who was applying for a job.  My friend brought a short list of jobs that she had and an even shorter list of employers.  She was applying for a more senior-level position, because she was asked to apply, and was afraid she didn’t have the skills necessary to do the job.  The process we used became the six steps to determine your value.

  1. We sat down and began to “mine” her skills from her resume.  For each job/position, I would ask her what skills were required to complete the tasks.  I listed them for her.
  2. Then, I asked her what she was well known for by friends and family – what did they always depend on her for?
  3. Of the skills that we listed, which ones did she enjoy.  Which ones would make the time pass quickly.  Which ones gave her energy?

Once finished, I read them out to her.  I could see the look of pride well up inside of her.  You see, we took the blinders off.  We saw the raw, rich version of her.  The one she could not see herself.  She went on to get the job and believe in her own ability to do not only that job but the one above too!

There are only 6 steps to determine your value!  You are worth taking the time to take them!

  1. List each job/position you have held since you left school in the space below.  Yes, all of them.
  2. List all the major tasks performed for each job/position held.
  3. Write down the skills you utilized to complete each of the tasks.  For example, organizational abilities, create processes, etc.
  4. For each job/position held, write down the “soft skills” that you utilized.  These include the skills such as:
    • Motivation
    • Social Skills
    • Self-confidence
    • Optimism
    • Service Orientation
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Collaboration & Cooperation
    • Empathy
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Initiative
    • Understanding Others
    • Influencing Others
    • Conflict Management
    • Supervisory
  5. Now it is time to determine those tasks that lit you up, that gave you energy, that you loved doing!  Review your list, and highlight or circle those that you enjoyed doing.  This is important, because we can be very skilled at a task, but may not want to do it.
  6. Review those circled and list them on the “My Value” page, and sign it!

Ready to begin the 6 steps?  Get “My Value Worksheet” here!!

Can you see your value now?  Does it line up with all that you have ever desired to be.  Are there changes you need to make to align yourself with your value?

Keep this worksheet handy to refer to when you need to make a decision about your future.  No one can take these qualities away from you.  They are you.

I hope this exercise helps you to see what value you bring to the work place, home and world.  I would love to hear about it!


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