Mother's Day, Loss of Mom, Loss of Child

Know someone who will be missing their mom or child this Mother’s Day?

Show them that you understand…

My Mom passed away in 2017. She really was a special lady, known for her fun, crazy and very giving personality.

Our family’s grief was and is overwhelming. My Mom was the foundation of the family. She kept all the family traditions going, still baked for everyone (even the neighbors), got us all excited about the special occasions, and was always there for each of us; without judgment.

Until we came to know a new “normal”, those special days were definitely not the same without her. Those special days that used to be so happy, were now sad, and often lonely.

I am always grateful for the friends that call me on those special occasions to see if I am okay, though. Their words and memories mean a lot to me. It helps to know my friends understand; without me telling them…

The thoughtfulness of my friends gave me the idea to create a throw blanket for those who are grieving; either with a recent loss, or a past loss. The words on the blanket are meant to send a hug to the one who is going through the loss from the one who has passed. The incredible soft blanket is meant to feel like a hug.

Here are a few examples

This blanket was created for someone who has lost a loved one…

Remembering someone who has passed

These two blankets were created for a Mom (or Dad) that has lost a child:

A heartfelt message from a child…
For the Mom who has miscarried, or baby was born still…

It really is special to wrap this blanket around a friend or loved one that is grieving. It leaves us feeling like we did something, however small the gesture is, to bring comfort.

These blankets have touched many hearts over the past year. They have been given to children at their father’s funeral; to husbands and wives; to mothers and fathers; to those that have miscarried or had a child born still. They are given at the time of loss, on birthdays, special occasions, anniversaries and at times when grief overwhelms.

Then there are the ones that have scanned a handwritten note from the deceased. There is something so special about seeing their words in their own handwriting.

The words can always be changed to suit you. They are personalized with the name of the deceased or the name of the recipient. Photographs can also be added.

On this Mother’s Day, think of your friends that have experienced the loss of their Mother. Give them a call and tell them you are thinking about them.

For other ideas, please see this blog post from last year.

Mother's Day, Loss of Mom, Missing Mom, Loss of Child
Remembering Mom

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