Personalized Memorial Blankets

Making Feelings Visible

… the stories behind the blankets

Many of our customers have reached out to us to create a gift of comfort in memory of a loved one (friend, family, parent). 

It is such a helpless feeling when someone we love is faced with a loss. Most of us want to do something, to ease the grief, to reach out, to provide comfort.  

The loss of my Mom was devastating to me, and to all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We assumed she would be with us until at least 100 just like her Mom.  It was not to be.

Our loss made me realize what a long journey grief is.  It is full of ups and downs; like a roller coaster.  Some days I just needed to cry.  Some days I wanted to talk about her.  Some days be alone, some days be with loved ones and friends.

Most of all, I just wanted to feel her arms around me and have another conversation and hug…  Sadly, that wasn’t possible.  What was possible, however, was hugging a plush rabbit we took to her in the hospice when she was having a really sad day.  She cuddled that bunny until she passed.  I kept it, and my kids still hug go into her room to hug the bunny when they come to visit.

As  I went on to create custom designed throw blankets for my customers, I realized that our word blankets could also be a gift of comfort for not only those that are ill, but those grieving a loss.

The blanket for loss was created

So in memory of my Mom, the first blanket I created was one that says “Think of this as a hug from Mom to you.  And as you wrap yourself in this blanket know that she is sending you love.”  The idea was to acknowledge those who had lost their mothers or lost a child on Mother’s Day.  I wrote a blog post about it.

I had no idea at that time how many people were looking for gifts of comfort for their friends and family… but there are many of course. 

My customers have created blankets for friends that had a miscarriage, or lost a child; for those who have cancer, for those who want to bring hope to a child, etc., etc.

The stories behind the gifts are powerful. 

They are created by people who want to make their feelings visible, the feelings of the recipient visible, and most of all, bring comfort, support, love, friendship and gratitude.

I have decided to share some of their stories.  I think it inspiring to hear how others share their feelings; whether it be grief, love, gratitude or friendship…

The stories will not include names and/or photographs unless I have permission. 

The first story is one that had a profound effect on me and I still cry when telling people about it…

Christmas was coming, and a young woman asked me to create a custom blanket for her parents.  She said her parents were not handling the loss of her brother very well, and she wanted to bring them some comfort at Christmas.

She sent the photo of a happy, vibrant man along with a scanned copy of a handwritten note.  The words were beautiful.  He knew he was dying and had written these words to his parents to encourage them to be strong for each other.  He added that he would forever love them and thanked them for being wonderful parents. 

She scanned the handwritten note and we printed it, along with his signature and photograph on a blanket.  His initials were printed in the other corner of the blanket with an angel heart.

I wish heaven had a phone…

I know these blankets are not a cure for grief. 

My hope is that our memorial blankets provide something soft and warm to wrap around those grieving; especially at the darkest times.  My heart goes out to all that are grieving…


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