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Our store – Say it With Words

Are you are looking for a gift that is unique, totally designed and created for the recipient and a true expression of your feeling for them?

Looking for the perfect gift isn’t a case of not understanding how you feel about them, what you want to express to them through your gift for them, but it can be very difficult to find the perfect gift that can do all that!

Not in our shop — we are the designers of what and how you want to say to this special someone.  You give us the words (or something close to what you want to say), we’ll provide you with different design / font options to choose from and then we’ll print the blanket!  That is after you approve of it, of course!

Our throw blankets and pillow cases can include both words and images.  The throw blankets also include the recipient’s name.

The main quote is printed in the bottom left corner of the throw blanket.  Their name is printed in the upper right corner of the blanket (I like to think of it as over their heart).

The Process we use?

We utilize a process called Sublimation. It is amazing!  It requires special ink, special paper, heat and polyester.  The words and images become part of the fabric!  Can you imagine?  They don’t have a feel to them.  Also, they cannot fade, crack or peel.  I have washed my throw blankets many, many, many times, and they still look perfect!

Looking for ideas?  Here are some examples of blankets we have created.  As you look at them, remember that we can design whatever you need!

personalized gift, throw blanket, own words

People fighting illness

Children needing inspiration to fight illness, deal with loss, etc.


Being Authentic

Mothers/Fathers who have lost a child

People who have lost loved ones

Kids going off to college

Wedding gifts – either for the bride and groom, or the Mom and Dad of the bride and groom, or for members of the wedding party

Someone who want to share a memory

People who want to express their gratitude for having that person in their life

New homeowners

New baby

Providing comfort

For Mom

For Dad

and just for the fun of it!

The sky is the limit in terms of design!  Take a look at some of our blog posts about our products and customers’ stories.

It becomes a totally personalized gift for the recipient!  We can also sen your gifts directly to the recipient!

The feedback and reviews received on our products has been fantastic!  There are many comments about our customer service, quick turnaround times, and quality of the blankets.  Check our ETSY shop and reviews here:

Have questions?  Please email me at  I would love to talk about your design!