Think of yourself as a recipe. What would your ingredients be?

Think of yourself as a recipe. What would your ingredients be?

Be authentic.  Think of yourself as a recipe – what would you include in the recipe of you?

Francesco and the pasta sauce…

In 2015, I attended Debbie Travis’ Tuscan Girls’ Getaway and while there, had the opportunity to learn how to make a few Italian favorites.  While Chef Francesco was explaining how to make the pasta sauce, he explained that in Italy they prefer to have a few ingredients in a recipe so that you can really appreciate each flavor, that they are not covered up by other flavors – they stand on their own, and are authentic.Think of yourself as a recipe, Italian cooking; pasta sauce, ingredients, your ingredients for your life

It is so true, Italy is totally authentic, every part of it!  The ingredients are simple!  Life is good.  What I didn’t expect, was to now see this as the perfect, total metaphor for life.  It got me thinking – what ingredients did I really want to make up Deborah?  Who did I want to be, am I living authentically? Am I being my real self?  What do I want to show the world?  What if I think of myself as a recipe?

I have done a lot of thinking…

I have done a lot of thinking about this, but never really sat down to write it out until the start of 2017.  Why now?  After leaving my corporate job in 2015, my father became ill, went into a nursing home and passed away.  We spent most of the year looking after him, finding him a good place to live, and countless hospital visits.  We then had to clear out and sell the family home and my Mom moved in with me.  My daughter was expecting twins but lost one part way through the pregnancy and carried it to full term (luckily the other twin was in perfect health).  My Mom was diagnosed with cancer.  All very big challenges and changes!

So as things settled down, I felt a little lost.  When I left my job I had BIG plans for my future.  I wanted to travel, to write, to connect with people, and to create my business.  I realized there were a few parts of me, “ingredients” that I had left behind:

  • laughing – and I used to laugh a lot
  • talking with people
  • looking to the future
  • creating

Figuring out the process

Before I could think about what I wanted to do in 2017, I decided I really needed to map out who I am, what “ingredients” have I been putting on the back burner, which “ingredients” are not really working in my recipe anymore, which “ingredients” did I want to increase…  Being the creative that I am, I decided to create a checklist – checklists keep me on track and I love the feeling of writing it out. It makes it a statement, a decision, an affirmation, for me.

Here is my recipe.

Think of yourself as a recipe, Recipe for Deborah, my ingredients, creating me, being authentic

My Personal Recipe

Figure out your recipe by using this checklist!

The Recipe of You Checklist

I hope this is a valuable exercise for you.  I would love to hear how this worked for you.  What ingredients are you including in your recipe?







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