Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

Create the perfect Word Blanket for your Mom! Here are 8 ideas for you!

For those lucky enough to have amazing mothers, Mother’s Day is a great day to recognize what they mean to your life.

Unfortunately, I lost my Mom in 2017 but there isn’t a day that goes by without thinking about her and feeling grateful for the impact she had on my life and my children and their children.

I design and print incredibly soft throw blankets with words and images. They are a popular gift for Mother’s Day so I thought I would provide some unique ideas for your Mom!

You can even write your own words, from your heart and I’ll design and print them on a blanket for you!

I create a special Mother’s Day blanket every year. This year I included a beautiful rose image that my friend Donna created with pencil crayons. The word “MOM” is filled with watercolor flowers.

2019 Mother’s Day Throw Blanket

My customers always have amazing ideas, and one of my favorite customers, Bari, requested a design where we added a photograph behind the word “Mom”. I thought I would try it out and added a photograph of my daughter, Farrah, my Mom and me. I think it is pretty amazing!

Mother’s Day 2019 with a photo

Time to show some gratitude – this blanket highlights all the reasons you are grateful for your Mom. You can make it 100% personal!! She will be SO happy, I can promise you that!

You may have your own reasons to thank your Mom – the list can be customized for you!

The bond between Mother & Daughter can be an incredibly strong one. I think that is why this blanket is one of the most popular of our Mom blankets.

The special bond between Mother & Daughter

This is a cute one for new Mom’s. A blanket for Me and Mom! I absolutely love the font – it includes little red hearts on some of the letters. The hearts color can be changed to whatever you like (except white)!

Why not create the perfect “Me and Mom” blanket for Mom!!!

Another great idea for a new Mom. Becoming a Mom is a big adjustment!!

Motherhood can be an adjustment at first – why not show a friend that you understand!

A wonderful young man wrote these words for his Mom. What an amazing message!

There’s nothing quite like words that you have written for your Mom!

And we cannot forget about Grandma!!!! I love you Grandma because…. As with all of our blankets, the words can be customized to suit the unique relationship between Grandma and Grandchild!!

So many reasons to love our Grandmothers!!

It is a lot of fun to ask your children why they love their Grandma. Sara’s granddaughters came up with their list! Love it!

Special Words for A Special Grandma – Read Sara’s Post on how to be an Unforgettable Grandma

Sadly, some Moms have lost their children. This blanket is a gift for moments of grief… This blanket was created for the loss of a child through miscarriage, born still, or illness. It is meant to be from a mother’s child.

Mother’s Day is a day of memories for Moms that have lost their children!

And for those who have lost our Moms and may be finding this day especially difficult….

For those who have lost their Mom.

I wrote more about this in this blog post.

My grandchildren and I spend hours drawing and coloring. You can be sure I am really excited about that. For years I seemed to be the only one in my family circle that enjoyed being creative!!! These paintings mean a lot to us Moms. In fact, when my Grandmother passed away, my children’s artwork was still taped to her fridge and they were in their 20’s by that time.

My granddaughter drew this picture when she was only 3 and it almost looks exactly the way I initial everything – the “d” is perfect! I framed it and it hangs in my living room.

If you scan your child’s artwork, I can print it on a throw blanket for you. Or do you have a cherished handwritten note or letter from Mom? Scan it and I can also print it on a throw blanket for you.

Do you have a favorite quote for your Mom? Please share – we would love to hear it!

Remembering Mom this Mother’s Day…


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