I am an entrepreneur and blogger.  Creativity is my favorite subject, and I love to inspire others to use it to create the life they want.  I feel totally free when I am in the creative mode, which is most of my day (and some sleepless nights), and I want everyone to experience that.  It is when everything becomes so incredibly clear.

My career was in the human resources field.  I quit my corporate job four years before retirement because I was sick of working in environments where I couldn’t be 100% myself. Environments where creativity was seen as a liability rather than an asset!  Choosing jobs and companies with values much different than myself was part of my learning.  It did take a long time, but I learned alot.  The two years after I quit my job, both parents became ill, dependent, and passed away.

Now, I am beginning again.  Beginning to discover who I really am, the life I really want, and meet others who share the same values.  I have to admit, it has been a little scary for me. For the first time in  my life, I realize there is nothing holding me back but me.  I have decided to share some of the tools, inspiration and thoughts along my journey so that it may be easier for others.  Easier to decide at a much younger age, too!

Through my company, Say it With Words, I also now have the pleasure of creating for other people, and being that my second love is communication, my business creates products that are 100% customizable and personaized for gifts to yourself, or that special someone.  My business is all about making your feelings visible!  If you would like view my products, please go to http://www.sayitwithwords.ca.