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The beauty of a handwritten note…

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Handwritten or printed notes are so meaningful for so many!  Words of comfort, gratitude, love and kindness are shared in a way that are magnified when handwritten or printed. 

In these days of emails, etc. it is wonderful to receive a physical note.  It is making feelings visible, and sharing thoughts that have an impact that you may not even understand!  Notes are kept, re-read, and cherished by the reader!

I have had a love for words and handwriting since a child. In fact, I think the only contest I ever won was for my handwriting – 3rd place!

Like creativity, I love the flow of cursive handwriting. To form the perfect words, to feel the pen and the perfect paper – a perfect blend!

The importance of a handwritten and/or printed note has really been amplified in my work with printing words and images on throw blankets, scarves and pillow cases in my business. Here are two different examples that I connected with:

  • I had a customer that sent me a handwritten note that was written for her parents by her brother that had passed away. She said they were not handling his death well (as you would expect), and she wanted them to have something to comfort them for Christmas. We combined his words, his signature and a beautiful photograph.
  • Another customer asked me to print her father-in-law’s handwritten words, “Always keep laughing, every day! Love Dad”. He had passed away, and she wanted to create a memorable keepsake for each of his grown children.

I lost both of my parents within 2 years. As I sorted their papers, the thing that affected me the most were the handwritten pieces of paper. The familiarity of their handwriting, and their differing styles. Even now, seeing their handwriting always catches me off guard and although my grief definitely surfaces, I feel a moment of connection.

My father was “the boss”, had a very deep voice, was intimidating to many, and rarely showed his softer side, but he had THE most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen. When he had his stroke he lost his ability to write as he once did and this definitely made him sad.  It was then that I read about creating a font from handwriting and/or printing.

There was no way I was going to lose my ability to write. It isn’t that my handwriting is perfect, but it is a reflection of me! So, I tried a few of the online free programs, but it turned out my handwriting was too cursive. I then found a company called Quantum Enterprises in the UK . They thought my handwriting was a bit of a challenge, but they created a font for me! If you prefer to print, I think you will find the online programs work very well!

My daughter saw a photograph of this baby blanket that I created that included a handwritten note from Mom and Dad and said “I don’t have any handwritten notes from you!” This is something that is definitely on my “to do list” this year. She wants something more than words on a card!  I had no idea that this meant so much to her.

Handwritten note from Mom & Dad to their son!
Personalized Baby Blanket
The blanket is a pale blue and we printed the images in black and white – love how it turned out!

I love the quote “You never know when you are making a memory.” I think this is definitely true of our words. Is there someone in your life that would like to hear from you? Try dropping them a note; a handwritten note.  My bet is they will keep it and cherish it!

Would love to hear your thoughts about handwriting!


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