stories behind our personalized blankets

What message do you want to give a friend of 20 years that is moving away?

Sharing the Stories Behind our personalized blankets

This is a story behind one of our personalized throw blankets.  A gift from one friend to another; both wives of police officers.

When creating a gift for a friend that was moving away, Laurie combined the perfect words, and a message to her friend that she is never alone…

Laurie writes “I had this blanket created for my friend, Liz.

Our husbands have worked as police officers together for over 20 years.

Recently her husband accepted a job as Police Chief in a town hundreds of miles away.

I wanted to give her something special and comforting…to remind her that near or far, we will always be there for her.”

Their friendship, and that of their husbands, both police officers, was so important that it actually made the news, as you can see from the photograph.  

The quote that Laurie chose read “A true police officer fights not because he hates what’s in front of him… but because he loves who stands behind him. 

To further personalize the blanket, Laurie added her friend’s name with the words “You are never alone.  Blue Family Forever.”

Laurie chose the font and overall design for her blanket.

Photo courtesy of The Sentinel Record
Words of a police officer

What was Elizabeth’s response?

Elizabeth wrote on Facebook, “My dear sweet friend Laurie is amazing.  She treated me to margaritas and brought me this thoughtful personalized fuzzy blanket.  Seriously the sweetest thing anyone has done for me in a long time!!!  Thank you, Laurie!!!  #bluefamilyforever

Sharing the Stories Behind our Personalized Blankets

The stories behind the blankets that I have had the honour of designing since starting my business have been inspiring, to say the least.  They are created for happy occasions; sadly for loss of children and family; stories of inspiring someone; and lots of love stories!

People are making their feelings visible, and my hope is to inspire people, as they have inspired me.

Deborah MacDougall

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